it is truly remarkable, how tragedy unites us. when the rug is ripped out from under us, we suddenly heighten our awareness. suddenly, we seek connection in layered capacities. a candlelight vigil, a door held and a knowing smile for a stranger, an embrace with your neighbor while you are united under the blanket of […]

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“If he died tomorrow, would there be something you wish you would have said?” she asked me. “Yeah.” I replied… I know you suffer. I think that’s all I’ve ever needed to know. That you were struggling and that meant we all were, but that we’re family and that I’d always be your buddy. That I’d […]

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I used to love catching fireflies with my grandfather when I was a kid. It’s a memory that sits fondly in some treasure chest in my brain where I think grandparent memories in particular, reside. It’s a strange cocktail of emotions, to dig that memory up. I haven’t heard his voice in 15 years. He died […]

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not a better half

This week I laid a dear friend to rest. So if you happen to have a drink handy, pour one out for single girl Sauce real quick, would you? That’s right world – this chick is off the market. I know…I can’t quite believe it either. What a journey these past couple of years have […]

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what if

evolution has done some tremendous things. there are flowers that have adapted to accommodate the humming birds whose long beaks sip their nectar. and another in Cuba whose distinct concave shape combined with echolocation, literally sends a bat signal. astounding. there are mussels in New England who have developed thicker shells to protect themselves from shore […]

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i woke up like this

I was going to start by saying that I am probably the million-and-one-th person to write about body image. that would actually be a gross understatement. just to ensure that what I was sharing would be accurate, I googled “body image” just before I opened the WordPress window. After I hit “publish”, you will find what […]

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i might as well be running.

I am notoriously hateful of running. I hate the instantaneous loss of breath I experience, the way my arms feel like they’re not getting any oxygen. I hate the shin splint I’ve had for the better part of the last year that definitely isn’t showing any signs of taking a hike any time soon. No […]

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