i might as well be running.

I am notoriously hateful of running. I hate the instantaneous loss of breath I experience, the way my arms feel like they’re not getting any oxygen. I hate the shin splint I’ve had for the better part of the last year that definitely isn’t showing any signs of taking a hike any time soon. No […]

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Something funky has been going down inside this shell of mine for the last few days. I’ve been told I don’t seem like myself (Burnsy) more times than I wanted to hear (the desired number of times is never) and I just feel…off. Mercury in retrograde? No, not yet.  But pre-shadow phase can surely be […]

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Something about travel stirs up your insides, doesn’t it? Something that can’t be captured or accurately shared in anything you’ll find in a dictionary. I wonder if it’s the limitations of my english that have me searching, or if there is no word that exists in any language that can accurately sum up an experience […]

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common ground

A google search a few days ago let me know that Mercury was in fact, NOT in retrograde. Turns out I still have another 10 days before that ass backwards illusion arrives to royally fuck with me. That SOB always knows how to get me. As the planet of communication, Mercury in retrograde never fails to bring […]

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kritajna कृतज्ञा

“Kritajna (कृतज्ञा) means gratitude. It is formed from the word krita (कृत) meaning “cultivated,” and the root jna (ज्ञा) referring to a state of consciousness. Kritajna therefore references a state which is consciously created or chosen. It is the result of being fully present, the realization and acknowledgment of a particular moment in time.” – Jim Kulackoski […]

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to oxmoor center,

to the team that now calls Kaitlin Hartzell the HBIC, welcome to an incredible journey. I don’t know your names or where you’re from. I don’t know your stories, what your visions look like or what goals you’re crushing. But I do know one thing. You are blessed. That leader of yours is fearless. And […]

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It’s 7:27 am. I have been awake for 35 minutes. I slept like shit. A conversation with someone I’d consider rather important to me weighed heavily on my heart all night. It’s pretty classic actually, for this person and I to completely miss the mark in communication. We’ve always seen the same situation(s) from two […]

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